What is the position and brief introduction of Imam al-mu’minin of the mercy of Allah?


As your title suggests that you are ranked the highest place in comparison to all the imams. In the Islamic jurisprudence, the history of Hazrat Imam al-Hanifa is very high. Your original name is Numan bin Saath bin Zubatta. You were born in Kufa in 807 BC by 699.

You received the teachings of jurisprudence from your teacher Hamad bin Abi Suliman. The first class of your teacher is Sahib (may Allaah be pleased with him), you are unique to the fact that you are obedient. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: There are no imams in Imam al-Hadeeth and ‘Umrah al-Faqr, including Imam Malik, and you have also made a visit to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), and corrected the Prophets of’ Umrah.

Imam al-mu’minin traveled three places to achieve knowledge of Hadith. You got the knowledge of Hadith first in Kufa because you were living in Kufa and was a great center of Kufa knowledge of Hadith. As you were born in the house of Hadith, read it, the Imam of the greatest knowledge of Kufa became independent.

The second place was Hamin Sharif. From where you took Hadith and the third place was Basra. Imam Abu Hanifa acquired about 4,000 teachers.

Once again, there was a dispute between Imam Imam (RA) and Rahmatullah and Imam Shafi’i Rahmatullah’s followers. Each group claimed responsibility for the virtue of his Imam. Hazrat Imam Abu Abdulla (RA) Allah (Allah) decided between them and said to Sahaf Shafayah: When you were numbered by the teachers of your Imam, then there were 80. Then he said to Ahnaf: Now now, when you count the teachers of your Imam when they counted it, they were four thousand. Thus, the number of teachers decided to make this dispute. You were Imam al-Umma in both the jurisdictions and Hadiths.

Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa was a thousand students of Rahmatullah Allah, in which 40 people were very early and they were reaching to Umtahad. He was also your adviser. Some of these are the names of:

1. Imam Abu Yusuf Rahmatullah

2. Imam Muhammad bin Hassan al-Husaini, the mercy of Allah

3. Imam Hamad bin Abi Hanifa Rahmani Allah

4. Imam Zafar bin Hadhail Rahmani Allah

5. Imam Abdullah bin Mubarak Rahmani Allah

6. Imam Waqa bin Surat Rahmani Allah

7. Imam Dawood bin Nasir Rahmatullah Allah

Some of your famous books are as follows:

Consolidated archbishop, consolidated albeit, al-Walmâm, al-Majid al-Hanifa, al-Osman al-Ba’ti, al-Wa’am al-‘Amam ibn Hanifa.

Furthermore, after the Quran, the correct book was the followers of your followers, Imam Muhammad ibn Isma’il Bukhari, and other prominent scholars of the correct al-Bukhaari.

he was very intelligent and sharp memory person. Your knowledge and wisdom and wisdom were very popular. You recited your age for 7 thousand times. For 45 years, read five prayers from a wudoo, in two nights of the night, Imam al-mu’minin, who finishes the entire Koran rule, Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah will spread knowledge to the day of day and worship the night, there are vast majority of their lives. Imam al-Hadeeth, while mentioning you, on one side, you are the sea of ​​knowledge and on the other side are Zaddi and Taqi and Mountains. Imam al-mu’minin describes his ways as follows:

“I first want to order a problem with Allah, then, if there is no problem there, I take it from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), when there is no foot, then the companions of the Prophet I take a look at any of them and do not take care of others, but when I came to Abraham, Sibi, Ibn Sareen and Ata, these people were also Mujahideen, and at this time, I am like those people. ”

Your fertile issues have spread across all the Islamic countries for almost a hundred years. Therefore, there were many problems in your great Islamic empire, the rule of law, and today too much of the Islamic world is a part of your own religion.

You died in 150 AH in Baghdad. The popularity of popularity was that at the funeral prayer for the first time there was a gathering of fifty thousand and fifty thousand, the chain of events was established, even six times the funeral was read.